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We are a Digital GROWTH Agency

Marketing experts with a passion for using data to drive results

On a mission to help you connect with your ideal clients online


In 2006, Laire Group, Inc. was founded on one simple principle: Work for our clients to get them the results they truly need.

Your marketing and sales strategies need to match real-world buyer behavior. That means being found when prospects search for your products or services. That means creating a remarkable experience (online and off) and nurturing prospects with valuable, educational content during their personal buyer journey.

In an effort to reinforce our methodology and drive more leads for our clients, we became a HubSpot partner in 2014, taking our inbound marketing agency to a new level. Since then, Laire Group has become a HubSpot Platinum Certified Agency Partner and a HubSpot User Group Leader, entrenching itself as a trailblazer in the inbound marketing agency community.

Laire Group has helped hundreds of businesses implement strategic marketing and sales programs across the country.

We’re on a mission to help businesses connect with their ideal clients online. How do we do it? We drive growth for our clients through digital marketing, passionate people, and our comprehensive marketing plan process.

The "No-Cookie-Cutter" Promise

Every client's needs and goals are different. That's why we don't create standard packages. You need
your own plan!

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We learn what you do and for who. Then we create your personalized strategy and plan to reach success.

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We implement your plan and then analyze and optimize for growth. Continuous testing helps you get the best results in half the time.

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We build relationships with your clients, so you can grow your business and build a stellar brand.

Want to start growing your business?  Heck, yes! Show me the process.


What gets us
up in the morning


We always do the right thing for our clients, ourselves, and our company. We believe that being helpful, respectful, and honest not only helps us grow, but helps our clients achieve their goals. 


Results-Driven Growth

We get sh** done through airtight strategy, research, and data analysis; never guessing, always results-driven. Our intentional approach and strategic thinking ensures our team and clients reach their full potential.



As detailed-oriented, focused, and skilled individuals, quality is always a top priority. These attributes, along with our forward-thinking, strategic mindset, enable us to create the highest caliber of work, for our clients and for ourselves.


Can-Do Attitude

Even in the face of a challenge, we are always positive, confident, and hungry for success. We thrive on finding creative solutions to complex problems. Our team believes that with passion, persistence, and positivity - anything is possible.

Continued Learning

Technology is always changing, and so are consumer expectations; we are committed to keeping up. We're a group of curious, resourceful individuals who believe that continuous improvement and learning helps us create the best work for our clients, ourselves, and our company. 

Our Team 

"We are a band of creative, freethinking and passionate marketing and sales professionals
who care about business growth as the backbone of the American economy."  

- Todd Laire, Managing Partner

Managing Partner

Todd Laire

Vice President

Laura Laire

Client Services Director

Lisa Morgan

Account Manager

Josh Horton

Marketing Coordinator

Madeline Toy

Sr. Marketing Account Manager

Kristen Cahill

Account Manager

Megan Young

Graphic Designer

Emily Hutchinson

Content Manager

Courtney Van Dyne

Strategic Project Manager

Renee Witko

Marketing Coordinator

Alaina Hinson

Project Coodinator

Lindsey Justice

Digital Design & Development

Nicholas Kruse

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