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How to Increase Facebook Engagement

Written by Ashlyn Markland | January 08, 2019

Gone are the days where you can effortlessly post to your business’s Facebook page and expect your followers to see your content. It’s no secret that organic Facebook reach declined in 2018, which led to marketers rethinking their social media strategies and execution. Ultimately, Facebook’s focus has shifted to favor more meaningful content and rewards brands that produce interactions.

But what does this mean for your business? How can you ensure your fans and potential customers are seeing your content and, more importantly, engaging with it? Let’s take a look.


Avoid “engagement-baiting”

Did you know Facebook can demote posts that ask for comments, likes, tags, and shares? This is also known as “engagement-baiting” and is something you should steer clear from on your Facebook posts. Instead, focus on authentic content and asking questions your followers will naturally be inclined to interact with.

Always respond

When someone interacts with your content, react and respond to what they have to say in a timely manner. This increases engagement on your posts, meaning more people are likely to see your content! Being responsive to your audience positions your brand as more authentic and relatable. Your followers will appreciate your response, and are more likely to continue engaging with you in the future.

Start the conversation in the comments of your posts

Are you finding that people aren’t interacting with your content despite your best efforts? Don’t be afraid to start the conversation on your own. Here is how you can execute this social media tactic:

  • Craft a Facebook post that asks a question. For example, “We want to know! What is your favorite restaurant in Charlotte?”
  • End the post with a statement such as, “We will share our team’s favorite spot below!”
  • …Voila! Post a comment with your answer to get the conversation started. It’s that easy!

Upload videos directly to Facebook

This may surprise you: native Facebook videos receive 186% more engagement than videos linked from other hosting sites. Take the time to upload your videos directly to the platforms you want to promote them on for optimal results.

Use show-stopping images

The goal is for your posts to stand out in the crowded world of social media. Ask yourself if your Facebook posts include eye-catching images. Sites like Pexels, Unsplash, and Pixabay offer thousands of free stock photos you can utilize to execute your social media strategy.

Personalize images to your business by using a site like Canva. To really take your social media game to the next level, use images that feature your business and employees. This will make your content feel more authentic and unique, which equals increased engagement.

Study your Facebook Insights

Having a deeper understanding of your audience helps you be intentional about your Facebook posts. Facebook Insights is a powerful tool that can provide information on various metrics critical to social media for your business, including:

  • Audience demographics, including gender, age, and location
  • What time of day your followers are online
  • The day of the week your posts get the most engagement
  • Reach and engagement of past posts

Use Facebook Insights to study the history of your content. Which posts have the highest reach and engagement? Do you notice a trend in the type of posts that are performing well? If so, consider incorporating more of that post type into your social media strategy.

Have fun!

While you’re crafting your killer Facebook engagement strategy, don’t forget to have fun! Social media is about creating brand awareness, connecting with your audience, and giving outsiders a glimpse inside your company’s world. Focus on posting meaningful content, responding and engaging with your audience, and regularly analyzing your social media metrics. With these things in mind, you’ll be well on your way to seeing an increase in Facebook engagement.


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Ashlyn Markland
Ashlyn Markland

A passionate content and digital marketer, Ashlyn understands that optimal results are achieved when great strategy and execution collide. Ashlyn has experience creating content, SEO strategies, and social media campaigns to help companies achieve - and exceed - goals. As a digital marketing account manager at Laire Group Marketing, Ashlyn utilizes her knowledge to drive impactful results.