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Why SEO Matters for Custom Home Builders

Written by The Laire Group Team | January 19, 2018

This may seem oversimplified but you need customers in order to build custom homes. If you want to attract customers online, you need your website and content to be search engine optimized. Well developed SEO website pages and content will make your company easier to find and help you stand out from your competition.

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How SEO Works for Custom Home Builders

I’m sure you’re proud of the work you do. It’s a shame if potential clients can’t find it. That’s the whole idea behind search engine optimization.

Search engine optimization is a more cost-effective way of reaching your audience compared to traditional marketing. You're also reaching people that are actively searching for solutions or doing research about custom homes.

You know your audience. What questions do they have? Address those questions on your website and write about how your company solves them.

Don’t forget about using social media.

Search Engine Optimization Elements and Strategies

SEO can be complex. So, let’s keep it simple.

  • Keywords - Research the most popular search terms related to the custom home building industry and build your pages and content around them.
  • URL - Look at how your URLs are structured. Look for pages with auto-generated URLs, normally with random numbers or letters after the forward slash, and replace them with more descriptive language. Keep popular search terms in mind.


  • Meta Description - Don’t neglect meta descriptions. The meta description is the text that shows up underneath the URL in a Google search. These should encourage the searcher to click on your link and it should also incorporate keywords.


  • Custom-home-builder-responsive-website.pngResponsiveness - You’ll be rewarded by Google if your website has responsive, mobile-friendly pages. People can search on any device that connects to the internet, make sure your website looks good on them all.
  • Internal links - Getting people to stay on your domain is also great for SEO. It tells Google that your site has useful information on it and it’ll help your pages rank higher.
  • Backlinks - A backlink is when another domain links to your website. Think of it as a letter of recommendation to Google. Backlinks tell Google your page is helpful and will help your page rank in a better spot.

SEO best practices are always changing as Google changes how the search engine works. If it ever seems overwhelming, let us know. We’re happy to help.

What Else Can Be Search Engine Optimized?

Everything can be optimized to help your website rank in search results.

  • Text - Use keywords in creative ways in headers, subheadings and in copy. Be sure to not overdo it. Forcing keywords into copy hurts the readability of the page and Google can punish you for it.
  • Images - Search engines can’t see images on websites. Make it a routine to add relevant alt text to every photo uploaded, give a brief description of what the picture is. Google can then “read” the picture and it’ll boost SEO. Keep keywords in mind.
  • Videos - YouTube is the second most used search engine in the world. Videos are a massively important tool for your site. Use keywords when titling, tagging and closed captioning.

More People Are Finding Your Website... Now What?

A motivated SEO website revamp is no guarantee you’ll get new clients. It can definitely help, though.

There’s another proven concept called Inbound Marketing. Inbound incorporates SEO to turn website visitors into leads and turns leads into clients.

If you would like to see how you can grow YOUR construction business with a marketing plan, strategy and implementation - Download your copy of the construction marketing checklist below! 

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The Laire Group Team
The Laire Group Team