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Insights From An Inbound Marketing Agency

Your Inbound Marketing Forecast - Website Trends [INFOGRAPHIC]

Molly Rigatti
by Molly Rigatti on Jul 12, 2017 8:54:11 PM

Inbound Marketing Website Trends | Laire Group Marketing

Websites. Lots of companies, individuals, sports teams, dental offices, even pets have them.

But with so many live websites (1.2 BILLION and counting as I write this), what sets yours apart?

And more so than that, is your website working hard enough for you? With 1.2 billion competitors, setting up your website and paying for your domain just isn't enough.

I'm sure you set goals for your website when you created it. Probably to attract visitors and turn into leads and ultimately generate your business revenue. Below you'll find your inbound marketing forecast with website trends statistics to help guide your website creation or revamp. Want to see where these numbers came from?

Check out our free guide: 25 Website Must-Haves eBook! 

MARKETING FORECAST - 25 website must-haves | Laire Group Marketing

You (and your website) aren't alone!

Although 25 may sound like a lot of must-haves for your website, we have good news. We're here to help. If you're interested on how your website could be better, we're full of ideas. Click below to get our FREE website audit!

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Molly Rigatti
Written by Molly Rigatti
Molly is a born and bred southerner with a healthy appetite for making people happy and the belief in the power of a handwritten thank you note and a strong handshake. She demonstrates the incredible value of communication strategy in all personal and business applications. With the help of her trusted assistant, miniature Aussie, Remi, Molly’s passion for deliberate, creative and goal achieving communication shows through her dedication to the organizations she has worked with.
Written by Author

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