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Strategic Marketing Plans

Your marketing isn't working. Get a custom strategy to help you define and grow your business.


We craft a strategic plan to increase your revenue.


If you're like some of our clients, you might be frustrated by writing blogs or posting on social media without seeing any results. We get it. That's why we help you avoid running in circles with a strategic Marketing Action Plan. We call it a MAP -- your direction to follow toward clarity, purpose and growth. 



We want you to get results. 


Laire Group's Marketing Action Plan (MAP) is the solution for businesses looking to get a clear direction for their business. We consider a Marketing Action Plan as a roadmap for your business to reach success. We spend 8 weeks in collaboration with you, researching and analyzing your business, industry, and marketplace to understand how your business can be remarkable and reach your goals.

The result is proven steps you can follow to reach your ideal client through a content plan, website refresh or redesign, social channel schedule, and advertising plan.


A MAP set this client up for success

One of our clients, Mike, was launching a new business, WinRate Consulting, and he needed direction. He had the passion, and we provided the structure for his future marketing activities. 


Within three months of active learning and strategic planning, he had the steps to take with website messaging to reach his ideal personas, a content plan, an advertising plan, and a super clear path for his first year in business to generate leads and close clients.

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Marketing Action Plan: What You Get


Kick-off Meeting & Overview

Spend the day downloading all we need to know about your company. We want to know past results, present state, and your future goals. We then come back to you with an overview of how we see your company, and confirming the KPIs and information that will be the basis for every step of the plan ahead.             


Goal Setting

We confirm the goals you want to reach, both hard and soft: sales increases, website traffic, leads, additional team members, new product offerings, increased distribution. And we begin to map the levers needed to make those successes happen.


Persona Identification & Messaging

We help you discover and label your ideal and actual clients. By conducting interviews with your client we get insight into their buying patterns, lifestyle, demographics, motivations and goals, and what are their pains that can be aided with your company’s solutions. This informs the messaging on your website, the content that should be created, the channels to spend time on, and how to increase your revenue by talking to the right personas, at the right time.


Website Deep-Dive

We need to understand where your website is underperforming and where it’s working well. And we also do a market analysis of what your competition is offering in its technology that can woo your prospects away.



What makes your business different? What can none of your competitors claim? This whole process of dissecting your business, and building a plan to reach your goals, uncovers what makes you remarkable. These remarkables are worked into every aspect of your plan to help you stand out amongst the competition, and close leads. 



Digital Content Strategy

There’s a science to creating content to reach your personas, and we create the right formula of content and channels for your business. Using research on topics and trends, we create a plan for timely and educational content (think blogs, videos, ebooks, e-newsletters, whitepapers, infographics) to attract your prospects, delight your clients, and strengthen your web presence. A digital ad strategy follows, guiding you on the ads and budget to help drive traffic, leads, and closed clients.


Final Marketing Plan

We wrap up the process with a phased plan to carry out the initiatives over the next 3,6 and 12 months. Once all of the stakeholders have signed off, it’s time to execute the plan!

Since we've had LGM take over our marketing, we've seen incredible results and patient satisfaction. it's all due to their hard work and timely efforts.

Dr. Prashant Rao

The team at LGM built my entire marketing presence on the Internet. My strategy is based on the plan they developed and I'm pleased with my results!

Karen Kitzmiller

LGM is excellent at working within our budget, optimizing our spend and focusing on generating results. I  highly recommend Laire Group.

Bob Tilghman
Remodeling Contractor