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Website Design & Development

You need a website that increases traffic and helps you reach your business goals. We've got you covered.


Website designs that grow your business


Show empathy to your prospects with targeted messaging that resonates with them, positions you as an expert, and tells your story.


Give your prospects and clients an exceptional user experience so they can easily navigate through your site and find helpful content.


Track your visitors' website journey, so you know where they go, what they download and when, and what information is helpful to them.


Most importantly, capture qualified leads and increase traffic through helpful content, conversion paths, and SEO best practices.


We Build Beautiful, Functional, Strategic Websites

You're not just working with a website design company. You're working with strategic marketers, designers and developers who design websites to generate leads. Every website we create is built with strategy, your users, mobile, and SEO in mind.Want to learn more about what it takes to build a lead-generating website? Download the free25 Website Must-Haves Guide


Our client, a global packaging manufacturer, unified their family of brands with a Growth-Driven Design website plan and inbound marketing campaign with a content marketing focus.


% growth in website traffic month-over-month
% growth in traffic from organic search year-over-year
% growth in site conversions year-over-year

How Do We Do It?

First, we get to know each other!

Your website is built, not just on a sharp design, but on your goals, strategy, and plan. We start with our Marketing Action Plan, a proven process for creating the right content, defining your strategy, and building an ideal website with the highest return for your money.


Define your wishlist

What are the wants and needs for your website? Does your website need to integrate with critical marketing software or have technical requirements? We listen to your needs and challenge your wants to get the best possible website that meets your needs, and your personas.


Find the perfect tools

Website platforms and marketing automation software? Yeah, we know them. There are so many options... but sometimes only a few will meet your needs. We identify the tools you need and customize your site to fit those technologies. 


Define your website pages

Before doing any development or design, we analyze your customer's journey and lay out your website pages with a sitemap. Once we agree on your pages, we create low fidelity prototypes and website messaging with information architecture and user experience best practices.


Want to be found online? We've got you.

You'll get Search Engine Optimization (SEO) best practices in your strategy. We determine the right keywords, content, and pages to help you rank in search. Remember, search engines rank your site and content changes every day, so we set an initial plan knowing that it will be optimized over time.


Persona-focused messaging

Speaking to your prospects with empathy is one of the most important components on your website. Identifying their pains and positioning your solutions to solve their problems can make all the difference in generating more leads and business through your website.


Stand out with design 

You get the best experiences for your customers with user experience design, which is how your visitors think, digest information, and navigate your site. Why does this matter? Your prospects get what they are looking for quicker, across all devices and browsers, giving you more leads and revenue for your business.


The website coding begins...

But before we start, we always walk through your designs with you and get your feedback. After making the necessary changes, we reiterate until we have a scalable website that fits your needs. Once we have designs approval, it's time for development!


Let's test your website!

As part of development, our team ensures that all of your designs, copy and website functionality is tested across all browsers and device sizes. This ensures that we meet quality standards with a website that is user-friendly and meet your visitors' needs.


Your Website Needs to Generate Leads. Our Experts Can Help.

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We Don't Just Build Websites

Laire Group sets your business up for success with the marketing foundation, tools, growth plan, and implementation it needs to refresh, grow, and thrive.

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