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Todd Laire

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Todd Laire - Founder & Managing Partner

Husband to Laura, Father to Tristan and Skylah. Entrepreneur. Business owner. Small business crusader. Traveler with plenty of available pages in his passport. Todd previously built a business to seven figures before the age of 30. 

"My business career started in 2001 by working in small business marketing and advertising. It quickly grew to strictly using website and Internet marketing strategies when market research revealed that consumers were using the Internet 10 to 1 over the phone book and print media to look up local product and service providers. 

Five years as a national Internet marketing trainer at various locations throughout the US, Canada and Australia led to an estemed corporate directorship overseeing thousands of Internet marketers and tens of thousands of businesses worldwide. After seven years in the fields of corporate Internet sales and training, telecommunications sales and special project development related to online sales technology, I returned to what I had a real passion for, helping small to mid-sized business owners reach their marketing and promotional goals, bring in new clients, convert those clients into referral evangelists and realize new revenue streams."